For over 95 years, our mission has been to help you grow bigger and healthier gardens by utilizing organic and sustainable practices that build life in the soil and leave our environment better than we found it. The companies below share our values and offer products that you can use when growing your own gardens.

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Seeds For Generations

Our family loves heirloom seeds and vegetables, so why not share them with others? “

Seeds For Generations is a small, family-owned, and operated business that offers 100% heirloom, open-pollinated seeds. As you’re planning your gardening adventure, consider heirloom seeds from Seeds For Generations. Happy Gardening!

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San Diego Seed Company

“Dependable organic, regionally adapted seeds for gardeners, farmers, and market growers”

San Diego Seed Company not only produces organic heirloom varieties well adapted for Southern California growers but also facilitates and promotes ethical seed production to provide growers the best varieties for their success.

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Garden In Minutes

“The Best Quality, Plus Effortless Assembly”

Garden In Minutes is all about making gardening effortless without sacrificing quality. They take the carpentry, plumbing, and time out of building your own garden, so you can enjoy planting, growing, and harvesting!

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“Eartheasy is a family-owned business focused on providing products for sustainable living.”

Eartheasy’s goal is to encourage, inspire, and educate people about the benefits of a simpler lifestyle, and the importance of protecting our natural environment. Eartheasy is a retailer of eco-friendly products for sustainable living.

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