Community Gardening: Atlanta Fire Rescue

The firefighters of Atlanta Fire Rescue 29 are an amazing group of guys –these are the brave men who battled the recent major bridge fire on highway I85 in Atlanta, support the local Home Depot’s Kids Workshops, and also manage to tend their own community garden.

7 years ago, the members of AFR 29 – otherwise known as the Fighting Dragons – built their own community garden. Crops the Fighting Dragons grow include tomatoes, banana peppers, squash, and other tasty veggies that they routinely add to their meals while on call at the firehouse. The firefighters enjoy fresh vegetables throughout the year – and what’s better than having access to the freshest of veggies in your own backyard?

This garden idea was such a hit, in fact, that the Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Sustainability used AFR 29’s garden as the model to build raised bed gardens at 13 of Atlanta’s 41 fire stations.

But recently, the fire station has undergone some difficulty with their garden, and in in the wake of battling a bridge fire, Kellogg Garden Products thought they could lighten the spirits of the local firefighters by helping revitalize their garden. Kellogg Garden Products donated 20 bags of Kellogg Garden Organics Raised Bed & Potting Mix to amend the soil, and also helped firefighters clean the beds and plant over 120 vegetables and herbs!

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