Community Gardening: School Gardens Grow Strong Students

Teaching at school comes in all different forms. Some kids learn better by listening to others. Some learn better by doing projects. Still, others learn by a combination of different styles and approaches. So how does a school garden teach in a variety of ways? How does it teach anything other than how to grow a tomato?

Well, as more and more schools are finding out, gardens at school offer an amazing array of teaching opportunities. Kids can learn about biology and nature, of course, by watching those plants grow., but they can also engage projects related to math and food supply, to nutrition and planning as they decide what to grow and how to make the most out of limited spaces. Research backs up the value of school gardens for children and testing.

One of the more interesting things to come out of school gardens is how students get to see what they grow on their lunch plate, as the produce is used in the cafeteria. What opportunities does a school garden have for you? Check out this graphic to learn more.

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School Garden Programs

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