Community Space Revitalization in Northeast Georgia

Recently, Kellogg Garden Products partnered with The Home Depot to help a community in need. They joined the Team Depot project in supporting Avita Community Partners, a resource for individuals and families in northeast Georgia.

The Avita goal is to assist in the development of safe, stable, meaningful lives for all. Avita Community Partners is also dedicated to helping individuals develop healthy living habits. The community space of Avita’s Blairsville facility needed to be reinvigorated, and so Kellogg Garden and The Home Depot’s Team Depot stepped in to help.

One of Avita’s core beliefs is that individuals should have access and opportunity to participate in the community and be served by that community. Gardening is perfect for this, and so refreshing the community space by building a community garden was a core focus on the renewal of the space. The community space revitalization project included building a raised bed, adding mulch, planting new plants with all new soils, and enticing the local bird population with some strategically placed bird baths.

Along with many other minor construction and assembly jobs, Kellogg and The Home Depot were able to make a nicer and more relaxing community space for the individuals of Avita Community Partners helping them get their community garden off to a great start!

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