Top 4 Reasons To Visit A Farmers Market 

With most fruits and veggies available at your regular supermarket (and often at a lower price), why on earth would you go to a farmers market? Turns out, there are many good reasons, but here are our Top 5.

  1. You’re supporting local farmers. In an age where so much of our lives is outsourced, isn’t it nice to know where your food comes from? When you shop at a farmers market, you get to know the vendors and how they grow their food or raise the meat. You can be assured of higher quality control, and you can ask the grower questions about their produce. Plus, you’re supporting your local farms, and you can always feel good about that.
  2. The produce is super fresh. Much, if not all, of the grocery store produce comes from other locations — meaning, that food has to travel a far distance before you can buy it. That means it’s older and not as fresh, which typically means not as tasty. I am telling you, nothing beats an egg laid that week or a tomato off the vine. It’s divine. If you can’t grow it yourself, the farmers market is the next best thing.
  3. You’ll find things you can’t find anywhere else. Sure, you can buy tomatoes, peppers, and carrots at the grocery store, but you’re not likely to find a full range of colors and varieties that the farmers market offers. From the exotic to the flat-out fun and even weird, vendors often stock produce you will never otherwise have access to. What’s more fun than that?
  4. It’s an experience. While some farmers markets are a few stands of fruits and veggies on the town square, others are fairly large events complete with food vendors, artisan crafts, and live music. It’s like a street fair with healthy offerings, appropriate for the entire family — and something you can plan your Saturday around.


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