Kellogg Garden Products: Bring Paradise to Your Garden

Kellogg Garden Products Launches a unique, first-to-market organic Micro Pellet Fertilizer with nutrients – G&B Organics® Eden Valley Blend Paradise™ All Purpose Fertilizer 5-5-5

(Carson), Calif., September 26, 2017 — Kellogg Garden Products new granular fertilizer – G&B Organics® Eden Valley Blend Paradise™ All Purpose Fertilizer 5-5-5 – brings the power of organic farming to consumer gardening. The first fertilizer in the Eden Valley Blend line of products, Paradise™ Micro Pellets are bursting with beneficial microbes, providing even distribution of nutrients that build life in the soil, creating the perfect environment in your garden for your plants to thrive.

Paradise™ All Purpose Fertilizer is a true pan-granulated fertilizer, made through a unique manufacturing process that make Paradise™ Micro Pellets uniform in size, allowing it to be used in any spreader. Paradise™ Micro Pellets are nearly dust free compared to other granular fertilizers, reducing waste and making the product more effective and easier to use.

Benefits –

  • HELPS BUILD LIFE IN THE SOIL – Packed with beneficial microbes to create a perfect environment for plants to thrive… naturally
  • BREAKS DOWN FASTER – Once watered in to deliver nutrients quickly
  • DRAMATICALLY LESS DUST – Unique manufacturing process helps maintain pellet integrity
  • FOR USE WITH ANY SPREADER TYPE – Unique Micro Pellets are uniform in size and shape

Organic gardening just got easier with G&B Organics® Eden Valley Blend Paradise™ All Purpose Fertilizer 5-5-5.

About Kellogg Garden Products

Founded in 1925 by H. Clay Kellogg, Kellogg Supply, Inc. has been manufacturing gardening products for over 90 years.  The company’s core business of organic soils and fertilizers is consolidated under the Kellogg Garden Products division.  That core business is now complemented by other divisions that include Orcon, Organic Labs, and H&I Agritech.  The focus of Orcon, also based in Southern California, is on providing repellants and live beneficial insects.  Organic Labs, based in Florida, is focused on organic or naturally derived pesticides, fungicides, & liquid fertilizers.  H&I Agritech, based in New York is in the business of environmentally safe, broad spectrum foliar fungicides.

The company remains owned and operated by third-generation members of the Kellogg family who maintain their grandfather’s steadfast commitment to help people grow beautiful, healthy gardens organically.

Bob Lawson

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