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Easy Houseplants To Grow Inside

It’s the dead of winter and, even if you live in a milder climate, a gardener can tend to feel a bit of the garden itch when there’s a lack of gardening to do. So how about turn your green thumb to houseplants instead? Indoor gardening can be enjoyed year round, no matter where you live. And before you say, “I can’t grow houseplants; I kill them every time,” I would invite you to take a look at these easy houseplants. They are easy care, low maintenance plants that will brighten up any interior.

golden pothos houseplant

Pothos  This plant is a favorite of nearly everyone, from students in college dorms to new and veteran houseplant gardeners. The medium green leaves grow from stems that have a cascading habit, making it ideal to place in a hanging pot or perch atop a bookcase or hutch. Give it bright indirect light and weekly watering.

Wall of snake plants

Sansevieria Also called “Mother-in-law’s tongue,” sansevieria is another favorite because it thrives with low light and infrequent watering. Meaning, super low maintenance. The stiff, upright leaves are dark green with a lighter green edge, or green and white variegation. This plant works well in both traditional and modern interiors.

Diffenbachia  This tropical-looking houseplant can grow up to six feet high with green and white leaves that are up to one foot long. Give it medium to low light and regular watering — aim for consistently moist (like a wrung-out sponge) but not wet.

Crassula houseplant

Peace Lily  Peace lily has the added benefit of gorgeous white blooms, making it a popular choice for those who love houseplants. It’s also pretty easy to grow, preferring medium to low light and consistent soil moisture. Don’t let this one dry out, though — a telltale sign is dropping foliage and brown leaf tips.

Areca Palm  Those looking for a large tropical touch to their interiors should consider the Areca palm. Growing up to six feet tall, this palm has fine, dark green leaves that have an upright habit, making them ideal for rooms that need a bit of drama. Give it indirect light and keep the soil on the dry side — I recommend an every-other-week watering schedule.

Jade Plant This low-maintenance succulent doesn’t require much. Put it in a spot where it can receive a few hours of sunlight and water it when the soil it completely dry, and you will have a beautiful plant all year long

Indoor plant cactus

Cacti Cacti thrive in natural light, so find a sunny windowsill or table, and you’re set. Cacti only require watering about once a week when soil dries out, so they’re perfect for the forgetful plant owner.

Aloe Plant Beautiful and useful! Aloe plants just need a sunny spot and to be watered once a week when the soil dries out. It’s easy to care for and you’ll always have fresh aloe on hand. It’s a win-win!

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