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Fall Garden Landscape Ideas

There’s nothing like a crisp autumn day to put a spring in your step, and that extra energy can often goes towards making your landscape a cozy place for relaxing and gathering.

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Fall Landscape Ideas

  1. Fall Plants. Every good landscape starts with a backbone of evergreen trees and shrubs, and brought to life with seasonal flowering perennials. By now you’ve cleaned up your garden from the summer — anything that is dead or weary has been removed, and the fall rains have revived its soul. Fall bloomers that seemed to fade into the background during the hot months now show off their fall wardrobe. The fall garden is specifically special because its personality is one of warmth, coziness, and peace.
  2. Container gardens. Autumn is a time for container plants to take center stage. All of the fall-colored annuals (mums, croton, pansies, snapdragons) in shades of purple, yellow, and orange pop when placed in and around the fall garden with its green backdrop. Add in some spots of silver that can transition into the colder months, nestle in some smaller pumpkins, and you’ve got mini-gardens to delight both you and your visitors.
  3. Fire pits. While summertime fires can be a reminder of summer camp, autumn fires recall times of frosty campouts, outdoor cooking, and intimate conversations. Build a permanent fire pit or use a mobile one. Try a heavy cast iron cauldron — You can situate flat-topped boulders around it for seating, and decomposed granite under your feet. It’s the perfect place for marshmallow toasting, scary story swapping, and romantic smooching.
  4. Mulch. “Mulch? How is that cozy?” you might say. Think of it as putting a blanket down over your garden in the fall. Just when Mother Nature starts to drop tree leaves, add a 2” layer of shredded mulch to your garden. The earthy aroma can make any gardener happy, and the dark color instantly warms up the garden — especially wonderful after a long, hot, and dry summer.
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5. Accessories. Fall is the perfect time to swap out the tropical-colored, beach-themed pillows and décor on your patio or deck. Have a second set of pillows that are more muted, and when you are expecting company, bring harvest-hued blankets or throws outside for seating. Don’t forget candlelight, either! A great way to add a warm glow is with inexpensive tea lights and free mason jars.

6. Pumpkins. This may not seem like a unique idea, however,  it’s all in the pumpkin choice and application. Try to forego the standard medium orange Jack-O-Lantern pumpkins for those with white or dark orange/red skins. Try lining all of your garden beds with identically colored pumpkins. While not the most inexpensive of options, there’s no denying it is a charming showstopper.

7. Straw bales. Planning a fall-themed gathering? Pop over to your local feed store (usually located on the outskirts of most major cities) and pick up some straw bales for seating. At about $12/each, they’re an affordable addition to your party. When the party’s over, reuse the straw bales as décor with pumpkins by your entryway, feed to any farm or homestead animals you might have, or add some to the compost pile.

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