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If you are looking for gifts for the special gardeners in your life, you’ve come to the right place. Garden tools are great gifts for gardeners, whether new to gardening or a seasoned gardener seed starting equipment is always at the top of the list. The winter months leave many gardeners dreaming of their gardens, and all of that is ahead of them. You may notice that your gardening friends are excitedly perking up as seed catalogs start popping up in mailboxes.

Well, this is the perfect time to treat your green-thumbed friends and family to some garden tools that can help make easy work of their gardening tasks. Most gardeners have a secret list of items that they wish they had to get their gardens started, or perhaps they aren’t even aware of some of these great seed-starting finds. Check out our robust list of seed starting equipment filled with items that are certain to make the beloved gardeners in your life full of joy and feed their craving for growing right through the winter months.

Seed starting tray with small sprouts.

Seed Starting Equipment for Transplanting

Seed Trays

Bring gardening indoors and allow gardeners to get a jumpstart on their gardens this year with the gift of some seed trays. Seed trays are essential garden tools that can be filled with soil and planted with microgreens, wheatgrass, or filled with seed blocks for growing a variety of seedlings. They can be reused again and again, so they are a gift that keeps on giving year after year.

Self-Watering Seed Trays

Ease the burdens of indoor seed-starting by giving the gift of self-watering seed trays. Just like traditional seed trays, they allow for a good-sized surface area for growing a sheet of microgreens or a plethora of seed blocks. Yet these trays also take the guesswork and chore out of the constant watering needs of seeds and seedlings. Grooved watering trays allow soil and plants to take in water as it is needed, avoiding drying out and overwatering.

Seed Warming Mats

Warm the hearts and the soil of a gardener with the gift of a seed warming mat. This handy device will give those with a green thumb, a boost in the odds of success for the indoor propagation of seeds and cuttings. Take the stress out of those cold winter months with a warming mat that provides a steady warmth and distributes heat uniformly at the optimal soil temperature for seed germination.

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Hydroponic vegetable starts growing on a shelf with artificial light.

Seed Starting Pots

A gardener can never have enough seed starting pots. Consider gifting eco-friendly and bio-degradable seed starting pots. These breathable pots absorb moisture and promote aeration of the soil as roots develop. Gardeners will enjoy planting the pots in the ground in their entirety, protecting their seedling and sapling roots from damage during transplant.

Soil Blocker

This handy tool allows gardeners to make their own soil block squares, which are primed for planting seeds. It’s easy to use and assists seedling roots by encouraging air pruning, creating healthier plants, and preventing plants from becoming rootbound. It also allows gardeners to control the type of soil that they are using to grow their treasured plants and eliminates the waste of plastic seed pots.

Indoor Grow Systems

If you know a gardening enthusiast, elevate their gardening to the next level with an indoor grow system! Indoor Grow Systems are vital components to helping plants grow robustly and healthy indoors. Many feature LED lighting with wide coverage and promise to deliver high performance from seedling to flower, vegetable, and fruit harvest.

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Seedlings of lettuce with gardening tools outside a garden shed.

Seed Starting Garden Tools for In-Ground Planting


A dibbler is an invaluable garden tool and can help make quick work of seed planting. This handy tool pokes the soil and primes the garden bed and seed pods for planting. Some are appropriately notched with a measuring device, providing precision to seed and bulb recommended planting depths.

Seed and Plant Spacing Ruler

Spacing seeds and plants adequately are essential for growing a healthy garden with proper airflow and room to grow. Give the gardener in your life the garden tools to plant seedlings and plants confidently with a seed and plant spacing ruler! The ruler is marked with valuable planting information for an array of common vegetables, providing spacing and depth requirements. The ruler is equipped with holes that line up to the ruler for dropping in seeds and even includes a dibbler for achieving accurate planting depth.

Box of seed packets in the garden.

Plant Seed Collecting & Seed Storage

Seed Packets for Seed Collecting

One of the most rewarding parts of gardening is the ability to harvest seeds to squirrel away for next year’s planting season. Gardeners take the time to collect and process their seeds for next season but can often find themselves in a chaos of disorganized envelopes, paper bags, baggies, and even lost and mixed up seeds. Give the gift of organization with seed packets for seed collection and storage. Gardeners can rest easy with secure envelopes that have lined space for labeling and note-taking.

Seed Storage and Organizing

In addition to handy seed packets, give a gardener a place to store and organize their seeds securely. These clear plastic organizers have slots that perfectly fit seed envelopes and store-bought seed packets, so you can sort them by category. Having all seeds in one organized space can be a game-changer for planning upcoming gardens, planting, and protecting seeds from moisture. Select a few seed packets to include in the seed organizer for an added touch! You can even add a personalized gift label with a fun message that will add even more smiles to the recipient each time they access their seeds.

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