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How To Build a Cucumber Trellis for Raised Beds

There is nothing quite like the versatility and space-saving qualities of a cucumber trellis to grow vining plants vertically. A cucumber trellis can be used to grow a plethora of garden vegetables and flowers and makes a great addition to raised beds.

Beans, peas, cucumbers, squash, and other popular vegetables have tendrils that allow them to climb vertically, which opens up valuable real estate in the garden bed for other treasured plants. Growing plants such as these on a cucumber trellis keeps vegetables off the ground, provides shade for plants with varying light requirements, and creates more space for other veggies to flourish.

Let’s take a look at how to build a cucumber trellis for raised beds so you, too, can reap the rewards of growing cucumbers vertically and vertical gardening.

Trellis Dimensions & Material

When considering how to build a cucumber trellis for raised beds, having the right tools and materials can make the project go much smoother. This particular cucumber trellis was made using redwood. The frame is 32 inches high and measures 49.5 inches long. The moveable legs were made to be 36 inches, but the length can be adapted to suit the size of your raised bed. The entire cost of the project was about ten dollars and required a time commitment of approximately two hours.

Trellis Material

  • 2x2x8 Redwood (3)
  • Chicken Wire or Hardware Cloth – 1″ x 2′
  • 3/8 “Carriage Bolts (2)
  • Nuts & Washers (2)
  • Galvanized Steel Staples (a lot)
  • 3-inch Screws (12)
  • Wood Glue *Optional


  • Impact Driver
  • 3/8 “Wood Drill Bit
  • Diagonal Cutter
  • 1/4 “Crown Stapler

Trellis Wood Choices & Care

You can use any type of wood that is accessible to you and at the right price point for your budget to build this cucumber trellis for raised beds. Cedar and redwood are more resistant to rot and have the most longevity. Wood types such as Juniper, Douglas Fir, and Pine can also be used but may break down more quickly over time. As an added protective measure for all woods, consider applying raw linseed oil to your wood surfaces.

Trellis Usage & Versatility

When you build a cucumber trellis for raised beds, it can be used in many ways that can be impactful on your garden.  This carriage bolt-hinged trellis can be positioned at different angles depending on your space and gardening needs. It can also be used for growing a variety of plants.

  • If you are growing all full sun varieties of plants, position your cucumber trellis for raised beds with the legs facing the south side’s direction. This gives full sun access to all plants in the raised bed.
  • If you are growing plants that require less sunlight than others, place the trellis side of the cucumber trellis for raised beds on the south side of the garden bed. As the vining plant climbs, it will provide a cover of protection to the plants growing in its shadow.
  • Add two more legs to the cucumber trellis and secure all four legs in the soil so that plants can grow upward, supported by the trellis.
  • Stand the cucumber trellis upright along the side of your raised bed, securing the legs in the soil and allow plants to climb straight up the cucumber trellis.
  • If you change the design a bit and attach the legs of the trellis a little differently, you can even create a taller vertical trellis rather than a horizontal one.
  • Remember that a cucumber trellis can be used for more than just growing cucumbers. Try planting peas, beans, squash, cucumbers and climbing flowering vines to draw in beneficial insects.
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Additional Vertical Trellis Design Preview

The concept of vertical gardening is exciting. Trellises add height, style, and beauty to any garden and allow gardeners to grow so much more in a given space. The possibilities are endless when it comes to how to build a cucumber trellis for raised beds.

We’ve found and shared some great designs in our video, from tall and simple box cage trellises to more ornate and versatile designs, all of which will take your gardens to new heights.

  • A-frame or ladder
  • Tall artistic trellis
  • Taller box frame trellis

Trellis Construction

Follow the video and this step-by-step instructional guide for how to build a cucumber trellis for raised beds so you too can watch your climbing beauties soar.

  1. Use a miter saw, or circular saw to cut the wood into two sections of 49.5″ boards and two 32″ boards for the frame and two 36″ boards for the legs.
  2. Seal your wood joints with wood glue (optional). “Wherever there are joints, water can get in and sit, resulting in wood rot. Wood glue helps seal your joints so that water doesn’t penetrate and your wood lasts longer.”
  3. Clamp or nail the pieces together to hold them in place while you add the screws.
  4. Predrill two pilot holes in each corner with a ¼” impact driver. You will be using two 3″ screws per joint. “Pilot holes are not necessary for screwing, but they will make your screws going in straighter and with more accuracy.”
  5. Now that your rectangular frame is constructed, it’s time to attach the legs.
    • Approximately 3″ from the top of the structure
    • Carriage bolt centered approximately 1″ from top of the leg.
    • Pilot hole with 3/8″ wood drill bit
    • Hammer in 3/8″ carriage bolt and secure with nut and washer on each side.
  1. Layout your chicken wire or hardware cloth across the back of the frame. Use a diagonal wire cutter to cut the wire to size.
  2. Use a crown stapler and galvanized staples to secure the chicken wire or hardware cloth every couple of inches around the frame.
  3. Set your cucumber trellis for raised beds in your desired location.

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