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Fun Fall Wreath Ideas | Spooky Halloween Wreath

Are you looking for some spooky holiday decorations? Check out our DIY fall wreath project. You can personalize this project with items from your own yard and decor stash, or head to the store to pick out your favorite Halloween items!

Creating a Spooky Fall Wreath

Materials used:

  • Wreath
  • Spooky accessories (skull, hat, spiders, crow, antlers, fake moss, fake flowers)
  • Various plant leaves, twigs, pinecones, succulents
  • Black and silver spray paint
  • Hot glue gun
  • Plant glue
  • Craft wire
  • Gloves

How to Build your Fall Wreath:

1. Supplies. Head to a craft store and pick out some fun, spooky items to accessorize your wreath with! We chose a skull, a Halloween hat, antlers, spiders, and some fake plants. Take a walk around the block to find dry leaves, twigs, pinecones, and anything else you might want to include in your wreath! Make sure you ask your neighbor before borrowing any of their plants! If you want to include succulents in your wreath design, head to your local nursery and pick out your favorites. Grab some extras to make other Halloween succulent projects! The experts at your local nursery should be able to help you with the care and requirements for each succulent variety.

halloween wreath

2. Spray Paint. Use black and silver spray paint to give your wreath a spooky look! Make it as dark or as bright as you want, but make sure you have something under the wreath to avoid accidentally painting your yard! Spray paint different items and plants as you’d like, try painting some silver and some black, and experiment using both colors on the same item. Use gloves to keep your hands clean during this process, and keep different colored items away from each other while you’re spraying to avoid accidental color blending!

DIY Fall wreath
Fall DIY wreath

3. Add items. Once your wreath and accessories have dried, you can begin adding your plants and Halloween accessories to the wreath. Use a glue gun and craft wire to attach the accessories to your wreath. For plants with stems or twigs, weave the plant through the pieces of the wreath. You can use the glue gun if you’re worried they won’t stay. Use the glue gun to attach the moss to the base of the wreath and the pinecones around the frame. For items like the crow, antlers, and fake flowers, you can weave them into the wreath without needing to glue. For the succulents and living plants, use plant glue to attach them to the wreath. Allow ample time for all glued items to dry.

4. Done! Hang your spooky wreath on your door for your neighbors to see!

Additional tips: You can personalize this fall wreath as much as you want! Try adding a theme, like a color or favorite spooky movie, and base your accessories around that. You can reuse the spray paint, foliage to give a spooky feel to other decor items you have, such as various pumpkins!

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