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How to Get Rid of Moles in the Garden

Nothing is more frustrating than having your flowers and crops destroyed by ground-dwelling creatures that tunnel under the earth and wreak havoc on our lawns and gardens. Moles can be a startling menace for gardeners, causing immense damage to the gardens that they penetrate.

Just when you think you have control over the above-ground pests, hungry moles begin burrowing through and disrupting plant root systems. This leads us to wonder how to get rid of moles in the garden, can we win this battle?

If you are looking for how to get rid of moles in the garden naturally, we have some fantastic tips for keeping moles out and repelling them from your landscape. Try implementing the most appealing approach or a combination of tactics as the optimal way for how to get rid of moles in the garden.

Raised Garden Beds with Legs

Create Barriers to Get Rid of Moles in the Garden

Creating barriers to keep moles away from your plants’ roots is a fantastic way to protect your flowers and crops. What better way to keep moles from damaging your vegetables, bulbs, and flower beds than to keep them from penetrating your planting space in the first place!

Some barrier methods that we recommend for how to get rid of moles in the garden include:

  • Build a raised beds with legs and a closed-bottom.
  • Lay down hardware cloth under raised beds.
  • Use gopher baskets when planting.
  • Bury fencing with hardware cloth to keep critters out.
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Get Rid of Moles in the Garden by Eliminating Grubs & Beetles

Moles primarily feed on grubs and earthworms below the soil surface. You don’t want to eliminate worms from your lawn and garden because worms are considered beneficial for many reasons. If you have grubs and beetles in your soil, you can ward off the moles that feed on them by eliminating these insects and larvae from your garden beds.

Here are some of the best ways to naturally get rid of these soil dwellers:

  • Add beneficial nematodes to your garden, which will control the grub and beetle population naturally. These tiny organisms seek out soil-dwelling pests.
  • Allow birds and chickens to forage for insects in your garden from time to time.
  • Control the grub population by diligently removing Japanese Beetles (a mature form of grub) from your garden manually and place them in a jar of soapy water. This will lessen the grub population in your yard and garden over time.
  • Steep garlic bulbs in water overnight and add to a spray bottle. Spritz the garlic spray around the garden to deter grubs.

Apply an Organic Mole Repellent

Look for an organic mole and vole repellent at your garden center or nursery. These pest control applications are formulated explicitly for warding off varment that can plague gardens and lawns and can go a long way when it comes to how to get rid of moles in the garden.

Mole in soil hole in front of flowers

How to Get Rid of Moles in the Garden Humanely

Save up your coffee grounds and spread them amply over mole tunnels and in mole holes.

  • Not only will coffee grounds enrich your soil, but the strong scent of coffee may send pesky moles in the opposite direction of your treasured garden.
  • For this to be effective in getting rid of moles in the garden, you must apply to all of the holes and tunnels and reapply after it rains.

Using Fish Materials to Keep Moles Out of Garden

Placing or fish scraps inside tunnels does double duty in the garden bed. The pungent scent of fish as it decomposes underground will turn moles around in their tracks. Fish also breaks down into an excellent natural fish fertilizer, as it breaks down and releases nitrogen and trace minerals into the soil.

Adding Mole Repellent Stakes to the Garden

Placing ultrasonic mole repellant stakes around your yard and garden has been an effective mole deterrent.  These stakes are solar-powered and create ultrasonic sounds beneath the soil, which keep moles away.

Using Castor Oil to Get Rid of Moles in the Garden

The taste and overall smell of castor oil is a considerable deterrent for moles and is a tried and true way for how to get rid of moles in the garden.  Apply castor oil to mole holes and tunnels with a mixture of three-part castor oil and one-part dish soap per one gallon of water.

white daffodils against a background of green grass

Flowers that Repel Moles

Plant an array of flowering plants that have scents that are unappealing to moles.  When you are seeking methods for how to get rid of moles in the garden, this one is definitely worth trying because lots of these plants produce lovely blooms.  Allium and marigolds are also popular companion plants in vegetable garden beds.

Try planting an array of these pest repelling beauties in your garden to repel moles:

**These approaches may give you success as you strive to get rid of moles in the garden, but keep in mind that when you chase moles away, they simply migrate to neighboring properties. Your neighbors might be trying to repel these pests right back your way, so vigilance is key to success. Moles are considered pests when they cause an infestation in a residential area. Sanctioned recommendations are in place that use lethal methods to eliminate moles that are wreaking havoc on lawns and gardens.

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