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Why Organic Gardening?

Why Organic Gardening? Organic gardening grows plants the way nature intended, without the use of potentially harmful chemicals. That’s good news for your family and pets as well as for the environment.

Beyond the obvious environmental benefits, there are many more reasons to grow organic, some of which may surprise you. Let’s take a look at why organic gardening is the better way to grow.

young woman planting seedling in the garden

Garden Health

Your soil isn’t just dirt. It’s an ecosystem alive with tiny organisms that are good for your plants.

Proven certified organic products promote that life within the soil. They encourage the beneficial microbes and bacteria that stimulate plant growth — naturally. Use organic soils, planting mixes, mulch and fertilizers, and you’ll end up with a garden that’s healthier, more pest-resistant, longer-lasting and easier to maintain.


Growing organic can actually simplify your life. Just add proven organic soil, organic planting mix, organic mulch and organic fertilizer. That’s it; No messy chemicals to buy, store or apply. No gloves, goggles or safety gear to put on. And no worries.

It’s safe

Nationally certified organic gardening products are safe for your plants and for the environment. They’re also safe for people and pets who might come into contact with them.

Imagine being able to eat a tomato you’ve grown, right off the vine without worrying about touching or ingesting harmful chemicals. Pretty sweet, right?

Organic Gardening is Affordable

You might expect organic gardening products to be more expensive. In reality, organic soils, planting mix, mulch and organic fertilizers can be less expensive than conventional products. Which means you can make a healthier choice for your family, while still staying within your budget. With the right the right proven organic products and a little patience, you’ll see great results from your investment.

Planting seeds in eggshells filled with soil


By using proven organic gardening products, you’re doing your part to help keep our air and waterways clean and healthy. It takes fewer fossil fuels to produce organic gardening products than it does conventional products.

What’s more, organic gardening products use more recycled and repurposed materials — keeping them out of our landfills.

It’s Rewarding

And let’s face it: that’s the real reason you’re here. With nationally certified organic gardening products, you’ll be able to grow your own garden from scratch, knowing that you’re doing the right thing for your soil, your plants, your family and your planet. There’s nothing quite like seeing something you’ve planted thrive. And there’s nothing like serving your family organic fruits and vegetables, picked right in your back yard.

Proven Organic

Know that you know the answer to “Why organic gardening?” You’ll want to be sure to maximize those benefits, you’ll need to choose the right organic soil, organic fertilizers, organic planting mix and organic mulch for your goals. That includes making sure the products you pick are certified, independently verified and proven organic.

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