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Low Maintenance Lawn Design Ideas

Your lawn should be a source of relaxation and fun! You don’t want to spend all your time cutting grass, raking leaves and pulling weeds. Rest assured because there are many great tips to help you design a lawn that is care free but still beautiful and enjoyable.


Put in an attractive stone patio. Stone is low maintenance and will provide a permanent extension of your home. You can add planters around the patio for easy to care for plants. Using raised beds around your patio makes plant care easy and eliminates lawn space.

No-mow lawns are made of grasses that are naturally short and require little maintenance. Buffalo grass is draught tolerant and only grows to 2-4 inches. It is a hardy native grass with a thick root base. Sedges are an excellent alternative to grass. While related to grasses botanically, sedges have many varieties that only grow 2-3 inches. Sedges are planted from plugs, so there is initial installment work. Landscaping grasses add focal points that are carefree. Choose native plants that are hardy to your area and require less fuss.

Grass does require water, so in many areas, a grass-free lawn is a better option. Using stone pavers and landscaping gravel, you can create a beautiful yard. Draught-tolerant plants such as cactus, sedums, and Mediterranean grass are great backdrops to give that foliage look. Lavender and rosemary need little water, perfume the area, and have attractive blooms.


Perennials are less expensive in the long run since they come back every year. Many people think perennials are not as flashy, but many put on a great show. Think carefree English cottage garden. Choose perennials that are low-maintenance and easy to care for. Shrubs such as peonies and Barbary require little pruning.

Allow a section of your lawn to return to a natural state by not mowing. This will provide habitat for wildlife and pollinators. You can also plant a meadow or prairie garden. Once established, wildflowers need little supplemental water. By mowing once a year in the fall, you help keep down trees and shrubs that would sprout up and rejuvenate the flowers by helping to spread seed.

Trade your deciduous trees in for conifers. Pine and spruce trees require less maintenance – no leaves to rake – but still provide shade and privacy for your yard. Mulching around your tree base will also reduce your lawn size for less mowing.

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