To our customers. Our communities. And our planet. At Kellogg, that responsibility starts with our proven organic gardening products – each one meeting the USDA’s National Organic Program standards. But it doesn’t end there. With a long history of community engagement, we’re committed to helping families, schools, and entire villages across the world grow stronger through healthier organic gardening and farming practices. You could say it’s in our blood. Now we invite you to join us. For every bag of Eden Valley Blend product you purchase, Kellogg Garden Products will donate $1 to Plant with Purpose. There are many ways to keep communities thriving, together we can make a difference. Organically.

Healthy soil is essential for healthy farms and healthy families. For farmers in places like rural Haiti, having healthy soil is the difference between having enough to eat and going hungry. It’s the difference between families being able to stay together on their farms, and being forced to look for jobs in the city or overseas. Plant With Purpose helps thousands of farming families all over Haiti to restore their land by learning to compost, to plant trees, to protect their farms and to grow more nutritious and profitable crops. As a result, families and whole communities become self-sufficient and have hope for a better future for their children. They are able to meet their own needs and have enough to share with others. Your purchase of Eden Valley Blend products is an investment in the lives of Haitian families. Thank you!

Duma Charles is an example of how your support radically changes lives in Haiti. Duma is a farmer from Grande Colline who struggled for years with unproductive farmland. When it rained, soil slid down his steep farm and took crops with it. But since partnering with Plant With Purpose, he has received technical training to help him improve his farm.

Duma Charles

He shares, “I am happy with how Plant With Purpose helped me to make my farms. I established living anti erosive barriers and rock barriers. I have planted trees. I make compost. All the activities are important and useful for my family.”

“Now, I have better crops in my farms because they are protected with many rock barriers,” Duma explains. He’s built rock walls into the hillsides to hold soil in place and help rainwater absorb. “Soil conservation is very important for soil fertility.” Stable nutrient rich soil means he can grow more food to feed his family and sell at market for income.

With the income from his crops and a loan from his community-based savings group, Duma has been able to build a house for his family. These changes in circumstances have provided hope for Duma and his family as their future is slowly becoming brighter in the hills of Haiti.

Haiti Tree Planting

The rainy season has arrived in Haiti and that means tree planting season! In the community of Grande Colline, Haiti, Jean Robert Calix and Daniel Cantave helped establish a tree nursery this winter, learning to make their own compost and to grow trees from seed. Now the trees are benefitting the whole community. Jean Robert tells us, “Trees are life to us. They provide oxygen, food and they protect our farms. Without trees we have nothing.” In a community that has been devastated in the past by deadly flooding, trees like these avocados will not only feed their families, but will save lives. Thank you for partnering with us in Haiti to teach farmers how to restore their land and to grow hope for a better future.

The community of Bonom, Haiti is working together to plant trees to reforested degraded hillsides, protecting the community from flooding and erosion. They work together to grow trees that will not only protect the environment, but will provide food and income for their families. Today was the day they each received some of their trees to plant. They told us, “This last year we had more rain (from hurricane Matthew), but we’ve had less flooding than we’ve had in the past. We know it’s because we are planting trees.” Their smiles are evidence of the pride they feel in their work, which will benefit their community for years to come.

Planting Trees
Making Compost

Healthy soil is the foundation healthy food, and healthy families. The severe soil loss in Haiti makes it hard to grow food, and so learning to restore the soil is a critical need. Here the community group in Grand Colline demonstrates how to make compost using leaves, animal manure and other materials. They will use this compost to expand their tree nursery, which will benefit the whole community. As one member, Edvard Martine told us, “We are all making compost on our farms now. We are growing more food and not having to buy chemical fertilizers. With the money I’m saving, I’m able to pay for my children’s school fees.” Thank you for supporting Plant With Purpose’s work in Grand Colline, Haiti.