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The perfect solution for indoor containers or outdoor potting, container planting, hanging baskets, and raised beds.


An expertly blended garden soil for planting flowers and vegetables in flower beds or gardens.

An exceptional potting soil for indoor and outdoor containers.

Ideal for indoor or outdoor potting, container planting, or raised beds.

Improves a variety of soils for vegetable gardens or flower beds.

Great for in-ground planting projects including planting, amending, mulching or seed cover.

Ideal for a variety of in-ground and container planting.

Made especially for acid-loving, shade-dwelling plants.

Great for trees, shrubs, bulbs, fruits and vegetables.


Ideal for improving garden soil for plants, flowers, vegetables, trees and lawns.

Ideal for outdoor gardening wherever rich, high-yielding soil is needed.


Multipurpose garden soil that’s great for filling and leveling uneven areas in your garden.

Raised bed and potting mix

Specially designed for raised bed and large container gardens.

Great for breaking up hard clay soils to improve drainage.

Palm and cactus

Especially formulated for the needs of palm, cactus, citrus & succulents.

Great for in-ground planting, amending, side dressing & top dressing

Great for Western Region Landscapes that require less water.

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