27 Gardening Influencers to Follow on Instagram

If you’re an Instagram addict (like we are) and enjoy gardening, then you should be following these 25 incredible vegetable gardeners! The beauty of social media is that it makes the world feel like a much smaller place. The vegetable gardeners in our list are located all over the country, including Maine, California, Arizona, Florida, Tennessee, and more! Some are even located in Australia! Following other vegetable gardeners on Instagram is a great way to learn tried and true methods and techniques to better your garden.

While we all strive for garden success, sometimes, things just do not go our way in the garden. That’s another reason why Instagram is great! Sometimes, you’ll see these rockstars post a photo of a plant that might not be doing so well and ask for help. That’s the beauty of the garden community — we’re all here to help each other!

Bio: “Dishing Up The Dirt Farmer–eater–lover Author of the top selling cookbook Dishing up the Dirt #dishingupthedirt”

Bio: “Andy Vaughan Los Angeles based Urban Farmer, Edible Landscaper, School Garden Educator, Master Gardener. We can help you with all your vegetable gardening needs.”

Bio: “?? Carmel Bella Farm ?? ? Organic Gardener ??‍? Heirloom Tomato Producer ? ? Plant Based Food Artist ??‍? ? Garden Photographer ? Unique Varieties ? ? #Tomato inspiration”

Bio: “Charles Dowding Market gardener, author, teacher of growing nutritious food. No dig/no till for soil health and few weeds.”

Bio: “Deanna ~ Central Coast of CA ? Crazy plant-chicken-cat lady ? Gardening in zone 9b/10a. Lover of living things, good light, music, kitchen experiments, and our little homestead”
Bio: “TIEN + RUBEN Gardening in Miami. for the table bit of our garden to table experience. ?????”


Bio: “?Small Space Urban Gardening ?Ocean Lover ?Coastal NSW, Australia Anyone can grow their own food ?”

Bio: “Mim Hatcher Homegrown garden produce and home baked food. ????????????????? Regional Victoria, Australia”

Bio: “From The Grange farm fresh herbals & salts…handcrafted on our organic farmette in Maine.”

Bio: “Megan Arnold ▪Garden goddess in Adams County, PA, Zone 6b? ▪Farm worker & marketeer @ Three Springs Fruit Farm ?? I ? Plants ? Seed nerd ? Nature spirit?”

Bio: “GIY GrowItYourself ? | Striving for self-sustainable permaculture | Organic | Country-living rookies | Sharing inspiration | Southern USA ??”

Bio: “Nick Ager There is no wifi in the forest, but I promise, you will find a better connection! I’m doing my part to help us all get back to the garden of Eden!”

Bio: “Mia Cover ??‍??????Life on a tiny urban farm in Nashville, TN with hubby & 3 kids. @miacover for all things family.”

Bio: “Angela Judd Organic gardener in Arizona sharing garden inspiration & helpful tips for growing your own garden. #arizonagardener”
Bio: “Ozlem Andogan Gulhan ??‍?”I sense the wisdom of my ancestors and my grandmother smiles” ? ?Organic Garden ??????? ?Melbourne, Australia”

Bio: “One Bean Garden Pensacola, FL ? Amateur Gardener ???????? Animal Lover? Believer”

Bio: “Kyle Hagerty • Urban Farmer • Sharing produce and inspiration in Sacramento, CA with @dailyflourish”

Bio: “Niki Jabbour Best-selling, award-winning author of Year Round Veg Gardener, Groundbreaking Food Gardens & *NEW* Veggie Garden Remix. Award-winning radio host. ?”

Bio: “Brisbane Permaculture Garden?? Nutritional Medicine (BHSc) + Permaculture (PDC) live simply • grow organic food • food as medicine”

Bio: “Donna Nieuwenhuyze Life on a 160 acre foodlovers dream. Home to two bossy border collies and four fruit and veg obsessed farmers in Kirup, Western Australia.”

Bio: “? Suburban backyard veggie gardener ? Likes to grow from seed ? Melbourne, Australia ? No filters – See my sourdough baking attempts @mysourdoughbread”

Bio: “thegeogarden Passionate, Sustainable, Organic Backyard Gardening ? Feeding The Body & Soul☀️???????? Husband & Wife Team ? Melbourne, Australia ??”

Bio: “Debbie Welcome to our ever expanding garden, 20 years in the making! From an overgrown patch of land to our happy place still learning as we grow ???”

Bio: “Ilona My Mediterranean garden •Organic gardener •Healthy food lover •Fruit trees •Roses •Greenhouse •Lover of nature, herbal medicine, yoga”

Bio: “Marisol B Levi Goodreads junkie,garden lover,seed addict,taco obsessed, bully hater,team Libra,made in the U.S. with Mexican parts??End Racism,Harvest Love Wifey&mom”

Bio: “Growing an edible garden Sam |Mum of 3 boys | Wife | Foraging | Homebrew | Chickens | Growing a suburban food forest, veggie garden, herbs and flowers | Melbourne, Australia |”

Bio: “Paula Thomas PNW blogger ? stock photographer ? soap crafter ? beekeeper ? organic gardener • 8b ? chicken farmer ?”

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