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If you are interested in gardening efficiently, concerned about keeping track of garden maintenance or looking for tips and tricks to keep your garden healthy, there’s an app for that!

No matter what aspect of your gardening needs bolstering, interactive and informative apps are available to help you along your path to having the best and most beautiful garden in the neighborhood. We’ve highlighted some of the best garden apps in a variety of categories to help you in the areas that you need it most.

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Sun tracking


Track trajectory of the sun from sunrise to sunset with the SunCalc App.

It is a user-friendly garden app that helps gardeners and farmers find viable sites to plant their crops based on the hours of sun that are needed for them to grow to their best potential.

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Downloading the FindMyShadow App to help locate the sun’s position in the sky and the shadows that are cast on the earth based on the date and time in your particular timezone.

The App uses your GPS location to inform you of the position of the sun from sunrise to sunset, which helps you plan where the best places in your yard to are to plant your garden based on the light requirements of your plants.

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From Seed to Spoon Gardening

Not only does this garden app have a great title, but it is also the perfect garden planting companion. ‘From Seed to Spoon Gardening’ will help you identify what to plant and when to plant it and will also aid you in selecting great companion plants for your garden. It also gives personalized planting information based on your climate and growing zone.

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Download the Gardenate App, which will provide you with a detailed calendar of what you should be planting in your garden each month based on your climate zone. It includes tips on how to get the best out of the crops that you are planting and a section where you can take notes on your progress.

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Garden Manager

Get your own personal garden coach and garden plan based on your climate and what you want to grow in your garden this year. Garden Manager asks you to plug in some general information and takes the guesswork out of your garden design and plan. Its interface will also guide you on your way to caring for and helping your garden thrive.

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As you can see there are garden apps that will help you on all aspects of gardening so it may not be a surprise that you can even find an app for to create a garden journal. Gardenize offers excellent tools for cataloging your garden note-keeping as well as your garden photos so that they are conveniently stored and easily accessible.

Connect with and get inspired by other gardeners and jot down ideas that inspire you with Gardenize.

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Reminders and Watering

Garden Manager-Plant Alarm

This App allows users to add alarms for watering, fertilizing, and planting times for different vegetables and fruits. It also offers a photo diary for your prized plants and has a capacity for sharing your photos on social media platforms.

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Garden Design and Planning


Discover the iScape App and use the virtual features to completely design and organize your garden so that you can see the finished product and make tweaks before you even pick up a shovel.

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Kellogg Garden Organics

All Natural Potting Mix

**Product not available in AZ, CA, HI, NV, UT. For a comparable product in these states click here.

Pest Identification


Every gardener will have to contend with pests and disease at some point in their gardening experience. The Plantix app can help gardeners and farmers detect diseases and identify pests and nutrient deficiencies.

Experts are available to help you navigate how to combat and manage these gardening obstacles and even show you tips on how to prevent them in the first place.

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Garden Compass

Garden Compass is another app that aids gardeners in the identification and management of pests and diseases that can wreak havoc in the garden. Upload a photo of the troubled plant and allow experts to identify the problem and recommend solutions on how to resolve it.

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All-Around Gardening Apps

Some garden apps exceed expectations on an array of topics. Explore these apps that offer a little bit of everything to assist you in keeping your garden going strong from the planning stage to harvest time.


The Gardroid App will take you through the full circle of gardening from guidance on when to plant and sow seeds to gardening tips and tricks, reminders, personalized notifications for each of your plants, and when to harvest your treasured fruits.

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Download the SmartPlant App for free on your IOS or Android device and receive tons of information on plant care, plant identification, gain design inspiration, and get expert gardening advice. The application even connects you with growers. You can upgrade to a premium subscription for more in-depth access.

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