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Lawn Care Equipment & Tools Guide

Having the right lawn care equipment & tools is a vital component of properly caring and keeping up with your lawn. A healthy, lush, and beautiful lawn takes regular maintenance, but the proper tools can make that job much more manageable and save time in the process.

Check out our lawn care equipment & tools guide for a robust list of all that you need to make caring for your lawn a breeze.

lawn mower on green grass

Lawn Mower

The most well-known and vital piece of lawn care equipment for homeowners is a lawnmower. Keeping your yard looking neat and tidy is easy with a lawnmower. There is nothing quite like the smell, look, and feel of fresh-cut grass.

There are a variety of types;

  • Self-Propelled Push Lawn Mowers: Powered by electricity, battery, or gas.
  • Reel Mowers: Propelled by the person pushing it. Reduce pollution and get more exercise as you get the job done.
  • Ride-On Mower: If you have an expansive lawn, you may consider investing in a ride-on mower that can be more time-efficient.
  • Robotic Lawnmower: This is a new and interesting, hands-off way of mowing the lawn, where the compact mower propels itself around the lawn all on its own.

Lawnmower Maintenance

A lawnmower is only as good as its functionality, and this means that it needs to be regularly maintained in order to perform the job of mowing the lawn well.

  • Perform a tune-up once a year to ensure that the lawnmower is working efficiently.
  • Clean the debris off of the mower after each use.
  • Sharpen the mower blade. Sharpening will ensure the blade cuts rather than tears the grass blades. Tearing can lead to brown-tipped and an unhealthy lawn appearance which is more susceptible to disease.
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String Trimmer for Lawn Care

A trimmer can make an immense difference in the tidiness and uniformity of your lawn. String trimmers are used to cut grass in spots where a lawnmower can’t quite reach. Every lawn mowing session should be started with or concluded with edge trimming to give your lawn a more manicured look, which is why a string trimmer is high on the list of our lawn care equipment & tools guide.

They allow you to trim around:

  • Fence Lines
  • Pots
  • Garden Bed Edges
  • Trees
  • Curbs
  • Other Hard to Reach Spots
lawn with landscaping shrubs and flowers

Leaf Blower for Lawn Care Equipment

Leaf blowers are versatile lawn tools and can help keep your yard neat. Not only does a leaf blower make the fall lawn cleanup of leaves less arduous, but it can also be used to blow away lawn debris and other natural debris from driveways, patios, and walkways. Some leaf blowers even have a reverse mode in which you can suck up leaves and twigs and mulch them.

Using Rakes for Lawn Care

Rakes are versatile lawn care equipment & tools.  They can be used to spread soil, apply and spread mulch, corral leaves, and remove spent grass and thatch.

There are two types of rakes that are top-notch for lawn care:

  • Garden Rake: Use a straight-headed steel rake for rougher jobs such as moving dirt, stone, gravel, compost, and mulch. It can also be used on bare lawn patches before sowing seed.
  • Leaf Rake: The lighter-weight leaf rake is used to round up leaves, small twigs, remove thatch and other small lawn debris.

Lawn Care Edgers

Edgers are used to trim the edges of lawns along sidewalks, pathways, and around garden beds, leaving crisp, well-defined edges. Edgers do not need to be used every time that you mow the grass but should be used to refresh and clean up lawn edges once a month.

Lawn Spreader

A spreader works wonders to distribute grass seed and organic lawn fertilizer evenly across your lawn. This simple tool comes in two variations and is both easy to use and is well worth its weight in gold for landscape work.

  • Broadcast Spreader: A broadcast-type spreads seed and fertilizer in a circular motion as you push it across the yard.
  • Drop Spreader: A drop spreader drops seed and fertilizer through a streak of openings in the base of the spreader to better regulate where the material is applied.
lawn aerator

Spray Bottle as a Lawn Care Accessory

In yards where weeds are common, a basic spray bottle from your local garden center can be a lifesaver. Commercial spray bottles have a strong and direct spray nozzle and are perfect for stamping out pesky weeds.

Simply fill the bottle with vinegar and dish soap and directly spray weeds that pop up on mulched areas, sidewalks, and among the lawn as long as you are precise in your spraying so that you do not impact surrounding healthy grass.

Lawn Aerator

Last on our lawn care equipment & tool guide checklist is a power aerator. Aerating should be done annually or biannually and is very beneficial to lawn health. As plugs of grass and soil are removed, it allows water, nutrients, and air to reach grass root systems, thereby combatting soil compaction and nourishing turf. Renting a lawn aerator is more economical and practical than purchasing one.

**It is essential to note that items listed on this lawn care equipment & tools guide are an investment and should be cleaned and stored away in a protected area after each use.  Seasonal upkeep is also recommended.

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