Garden Tools for New Gardeners

Embarking on the journey of gardening is a magical and exciting adventure. Gardening is a relaxing hobby that is filled with exciting new possibilities and a plethora of rewards. It also requires a lot of hard work and having the right tools can be a game-changer for successful gardening.

It is unreasonable for most people to be able to thoroughly equip themselves with everything they need all at once, as that can come at a significant expense. If you have a friend or loved one who is a new gardener, consider giving the gift of some essential garden tools to help make their loads a little lighter. Giving the gift of gardening tools ensures that you’ll be giving gifts that are used and appreciated daily for many years to come.

If you’re not a gardener yourself then you may not know where to start, we’re here to help! We’ve compiled a list of the best garden tools for new gardeners that will help you shop for all the gardeners in your life.

Garden pots with vegetables and herbs

Planters and Pots

Let me just say that a gardener can never have enough planters and pots. Container gardening is an excellent way for new gardeners to try their hand at growing edibles and ornamentals plants. Pots come in all shapes and sizes and can be used in a multitude of ways, from seed starting, patio gardening, and welcoming garden accents making them great gifts and garden tools for new gardeners.

Decorative Plant Pots

Decorative planters can be used indoors, on patios and decks, in front entrances, and even in the landscape of a traditional backyard garden. They can be made of plastic, resin, ceramic, or stone, and they come in basic styles and highly ornate ones. Selecting the right pots for gift giving can reflect specific personalities, interests, and sentiments to be cherished.

Seed Starting Trays

Seed starting trays are another excellent choice for new gardeners. Having the tools to start seeds indoors can be very exciting. Consider gifting eco-friendly and bio-degradable seed starting pots. These breathable pots absorb moisture and promote aeration of the soil as roots develop. Gardeners will enjoy planting the pots in the ground in their entirety, protecting their seedling and sapling roots from damage during transplant.

Self-Watering Pots

Help take the guesswork and chore out of watering with self-watering pots. These pots come equipped with sub-irrigation water systems on the bottom of them. This water collection area encourages root growth and allows the plant to reach for water when it needs it, retain the right amount of moisture in the soil, and protect delicate roots from fluxes in temperature. This results in healthier, more robust plants and less frequent need for watering.

Felt Pots

Give the gift of felt pots and provide new gardeners with an excellent option for container gardening in grow bags. These fabric pots act as a bucket in many of the fundamental ways, but they have additional attributes. The texture of the felt pots allows the roots to prune themselves when they hit the edges. The benefit of this self-pruning is that instead of encircling the shape of the container over and over again, the roots offshoot into new fibrous hairs continually. This process, the additional drainage, and aeration make the root systems healthier and more robust.

Tomatoes growing in rectangle containers with metal stakes inside them creating a vertical garden.

Vertical Gardening

You can count on the fact that new gardeners are going to want to fit in as much as they can into their new garden spaces. Introduce them to the concept of vertical gardening, which adds a new depth to garden real estate and creates remarkable visual interest.

Garden Trellis

Garden trellises are tools that every gardener should have. They add beauty and charm to growing areas while making the most of garden spaces by helping support plants and allowing plants to climb vertically. Trellises help to keep fruit and vegetables clean and make for easy picking. There are lots of beautiful trellises to choose from online and in-stores, you can try and make your own DIY garden trellis.

Garden Cage

Lots of plants need support in order to grow to their best. Garden cages work to contain almost any plant that needs restraint or support. They help plants stand tall and support the plants’ weight that may otherwise fall over and bend and break.

Garden Obelisks

In-pot trellises provide height and support for vining plants and taller plants in need of support. Such obelisks and in pot trellises can be invaluable tools for growing.

Vertical Garden Planters: All-In-One System

There are some trellises that combine more than one gardening tool. Treat a new gardener to an all-in-one self-watering planter with a vine trellis. It takes the guesswork out of watering while supporting the upright growth of vining plants. This is a great introduction to vertical gardening for even the newest gardeners.

Bamboo Garden Stakes

Everyone needs someone to lean on from time to time, and bamboo stakes can be a plant’s best friend. These sturdy stakes can be relied on to bolster the strength of delicate stems and protect them from bending, breaking, and toppling over.

Garden Twine

Garden twine goes hand in hand with bamboo stakes so you can pair them together as a gift. It can be used to tie stems to bamboo stakes or to hold back branches.

Woman watering the plants on the garden

Watering Plants

Successful gardens require diligent and regular watering routines. So, every new gardener should have some tried and true watering tools to keep their gardens hydrated all season long.

Hose Timer

A hose timer can help keep new gardeners on track with their watering. An automatic timed watering system alleviates the tedious watering tasks, eliminates plant loss when gardeners are away from home, and frees them up for other tasks. The gardener in your life will be very grateful for this little indulgence.


Give the gift of easy watering without the hefty cost of an irrigation system. Ollas water your garden quickly and efficiently. Ollas are large clay bottles that are buried beneath the ground. They feature a long neck, which feeds into a rounded belly. The olla system eliminates watering chores because all the water is underground and seep out into the soil when the plants need it.

Other watering tools for new gardeners to consider as gifts include Soaker Hoses, Watering Cans, Spritzers, and Rain Barrel Water Collection Systems.

Garden Tools for New Gardeners

In this video, Resh Gala, an urban organic gardener in New Jersey – Zone 6b, walks us through her top 15 garden tools for now gardeners. Whether your garden is big or small, make the most of your space with these tips and watch the full Garden Tools for New Gardeners video on the Kellogg Garden Youtube Channel.

Plant Protection

Gardeners put in countless hours of work into their labor of love. New gardeners may not be privy to all that they may need to protect their crops and tender plants from pests and the elements of nature. Give them a hand and give the gift of plant protection to help them secure their crops.

Shade Cloth

Add a cooling quality to any structure with shade cloth. Adding shade cloth to the garden protects plants from the heat and allows plants to thrive on hot decks and patios.

Protect Plants From Frost

Reusable frost protection covers act as blankets over plants when freezing temperatures threaten crops. Extend your gardening season and protect plants from frost by placing frost protection domes over tender plants when temperature dip.

Garden Hoops

Hoops support row covers that protect plants from frost, birds, damaging insects, or intense sunlight. The added protection that they offer can extend the gardening season in many climates.

Garden Netting

Garden netting is vital to have in any gardening tool kit. It can protect precious plants from destructive garden pests such as birds. In some cases, garden netting is precisely what is needed to protect your crop. Having it on hand as soon as you notice you need it is crucial to protecting a crop before it is decimated.

Farmer planting young seedlings of lettuce salad in the vegetable garden

Garden Tools for New Gardeners

Garden tools can be lifelong treasures for a gardener. When properly maintained and cared for, they are a gift that will stand the test of time and will be used and treasured for many years. Here are some of the essential garden tools for new gardeners. Check out our post that highlights ‘The Top 7 Garden Tools Every Gardener Should Have’ for more detailed information about what makes this list so special.

  • Bypass pruners
  • Garden rake
  • Hard rake
  • Pruning saw
  • Digging shovel
  • Garden fork
  • Hand trowel

Gardening Books

As gardeners, we are always learning and growing in an effort to create the healthiest plants with the most significant yields. Luckily, some great books provide the expertise of those gardeners who have come before us, loaded with valuable information, breathtaking and inspirational photos, and tips and tricks for getting the most out of your garden. Check out our post on ‘The Best Gardening Books For Beginners’ to help you select the best gift for the gardener in your life.

The Gift of Garden Tools

Selecting gifts for friends, family, and neighbors can offer its share of challenges. However, the very best gifts share your passions with friends or speak to their interests. Gifts from and for the garden are so very special. They show that you value and appreciate the hard work and dedication of gardeners. As this holiday season approaches, why not give the gift of gardening? It is a gift that transcends all things and will be used and treasured beyond measure.

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