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Benefits of Growing Your Own Food

There are many reasons people begin a backyard vegetable garden. Some may want to learn a new skill, or start a new hobby. Others may want to teach their kids how plants are grown. And then there are those who do it because they simply want to reap the benefits of their harvest season after season.

Yes, there are many benefits to growing your own food. If you are just starting a vegetable garden, or if you are a seasoned pro at growing your own food, here are the top five benefits you might find when growing your own food. So break out your spades, seed packets, and watering cans and get ready to create your own backyard garden.

Growing Food in a Front Yard Garden

In this video Holly, an urban organic gardener in Portland, Oregon, gives us a front yard garden tour full of layout and design inspiration!

Whether your garden is big or small, make the most of your space with these tips and watch the full Growing Food in a Front Yard Garden video on the Kellogg Garden Youtube Channel.

  1. Healthier food

When you plant your own food, you know exactly what goes into the gardening process. You know the seed types you selected and where they came from. You’re aware of any challenges that came along the way. You can make sure to create an organic garden – and reduce the use harmful chemicals. This is good for you, your family, and the environment.

Organic gardening can be a fun and easy way to keep the whole family healthy. And when you grow the fruits and vegetables as a family, kids are more likely to be excited to eat the produce they helped grow! This will help everyone get more vitamins and minerals that are important to proper nutrition and good health.

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  1. Physical activity

When you take the time to prepare, plant, weed, water, and harvest your own garden, you are getting sunshine, fresh air, and physical activity. The exercise you get can help you stay in shape, but also relax and de-stress. Because your garden needs to be tended, you are guaranteed to have some active time each week outside, either on your own or with your family. Be sure to practice safe heavy lifting practices, use sunscreen to protect against the sun, and drink plenty of water while outside. Also invest in organic soil that will not only be good for your plants, but will also be safe for your whole family to handle.

  1. Family time

If gardening is your hobby – or a hobby you want to start – it could be fun to make it into a family hobby and set aside gardening time as family time each week. It’s an activity that kids of all ages can take part in, as they can help with weeding or watering, planting, or even harvesting, depending on their ages. It gets everyone together, active, and engaging with each other and nature. Gardening can create memories that last a lifetime for you and your kids.

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  1. Financial savings

When you have a full, healthy garden, you will find yourself spending less money at the grocery store! When you have all the ingredients you need for your favorite salad, or when you can harvest carrots to roast from your own backyard, you won’t need to buy as much when you do your weekly shopping. Especially when organic gardening, the cost of a packet of seeds is far less than what you would spend on organic veggies and fruits at the store.

Beyond the initial crop, you can learn to dry, can, and preserve your produce to keep feeding your family from your own garden long after the growing season is over! This can extend your savings in the longterm, too.

Pickled Marinated Fermented vegetables on shelves in cellar
  1. Sense of accomplishment

The sense of pride and accomplishment that comes from eating that first tomato or snap pea from your backyard will amaze you. It doesn’t just have to be that first ever crop either – that feeling often extends year after year. Gardening can teach your kids the value and benefits of hard work, and help them to achieve a similar sense of pride and accomplishment come harvest time. You will be able to nourish your family and ensure everyone is eating a healthy diet when you have an organic garden at your fingertips to incorporate those fresh fruits and veggies into each meal.

Many people find gardening very rewarding, from the physical health side to the nutritional meal side. The benefits of organic gardening extend beyond the garden itself, into the kitchen, living room, and even daily life.

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